Get Involved

“Thanks for the good meals and good service. This service is a lifesaver for me, more should use it.”

Copper Country Senior Meals would benefit by volunteers who can share time and energy, along with ideas and experience.

How can you help?

Meal Delivery

This is what meals on wheels is all about – delivering a meal to seniors in our community and checking in to say hello.

We need substitutes that can learn a route or two and step in when a driver can not make it.

Site Manager

We serve seniorsĀ at 7 sites. These are folks that come for a sit down meal, share conversation and enjoy company. We need substitutes to serve when a site manager can not make it.


It would be fun to have music served up with the meal. At any of the seven sites, we would love to have a regular music day offered. Anyone from a soloist to a group could come and practice for an appreciative audience.


History is an important part of the Keweenaw culture, and it would be wonderful to capture stories and photographs or videos of the interesting people that are a part of the meal program.

“Both of us want to thank you for the delivery of Senior Meals. You not only had a good variety of foods, they were delicious. Those who delivered them were kind and courteous. It’s a greatĀ service and certainly made things much easier while I recuperated from shoulder replacement.”